• Clinical Trials & Research

    Clinical trials and research are a critical part of bringing new medicines to patients. Through the data generated from clinical trials, we answer important scientific questions and gain a better understanding about the efficacy and safety of these study medicines and their potential as treatment options for patients.
    Clinical Studies

    Our Clinical Studies

    Bristol Myers Squibb is conducting clinical studies across multiple therapeutic areas.

    Investigator-Sponsored Research

    Opportunities for Investigators

    Investigator-initiated clinical research plays an important role in the study of our medicines and the diseases they are intended to treat. Learn more about opportunities for investigators below.

    Clinical Trial Data Sharing

    Clinical Trial Data Sharing

    Bristol Myers Squibb supports the principles of enhanced transparency and clinical trial data sharing with researchers, clinical trial participants, regulators and patient advocates.

    Post-Marketing Commitments

    After a medicine is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the agency may require post-marketing studies to add to the database of knowledge about a particular medicine and indication.

    Disclosure Commitment

    Bristol Myers Squibb believes that making clinical trial information available to patients, investigators and researchers, and physicians is a critical part of our commitment to transparency, scientific exchange and ultimately innovation. Learn more about our disclosure commitment.

    Clinical Trial Outcomes

    In this section you will find the summaries of the Clinical Study Report (CSR) for marketed products in the U.S and the EU. These CSRs were created as part of the clinical development process and can be an important part of regulatory application submissions around the world.